Prior to Launching SaxDor Yachts, we knew how crucial the Production Facilty needed to be. A Clean, simple environment implementing second-to-none procedures which guarantees a quality final product, and undergo thorough qualiy control to deliver perfection in every SaxDor coming off the line.


Our set of procedures and standards are intended to ensure that each SaxDor is defined by a set of quality criteria and meets the requirements of the customer specifications.


In this “New Normal” of today’s environment, we have made it mandatory before each shift our factory workers be given temperature checks & af ter each day the tools, molds, hulls and equipment that go into our SaxDor models are scrubbed clean and covered to protect both our factory workers as well as our customers receiving their boats.

The ultimate goal for SaxDor manufacturing: transparency in production. The customer’s build process is a personal journey to creating their dream, and by building smarter, SaxDor continues its quest to revolutionize sporty aqua-mobility.

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