The man behind the revolutionary new brand, SaxDor, is Sakari Mattila, the original designer and founder of award-winning boat brands like Axopar, Paragon, Aquador and XO.

The first product in the line under the new Saxdor brand occupies a completely new boat category. This is a personal watercraft that combines the convenience and ease of use with the safety and comfort of a compact boat.

The Saxdor 200 SPORT is a 20f t outboard powered personal watercraft that proves af fordable boating doesn't mean compromising quality, seakeeping, versatility performance or sexy styling.

With a starting price of $25,000 ex VAT with 100hp Mercury engine, coupled with minimal maintenance costs, the boat makes the dream of get ting out on the water a reality for everybody. The entry-level boat with a 100hp engine is capable of 34 knots while the largest 175hp outboard motor will achieve a top speed of over 45 knots. The smallest propeller slip ever tested by Mercury V6 engines proves the effectiveness of the hull.

Saxdor Yachts has employed the vast experience of J&J Design to create the design and tooling in its bid to make an entry-level craft that is light (approximately 700kg), easy to trail, cheap to run, and fun and easy to drive. The twin-stepped, sharp entry hull promises to be efficient, smooth-riding, and quick to accelerate no matter which engine option has been selected.

The standard boat comes with a triple jockey seat and an open deck, but customers can customize the design to their requirements. Options include a T-top, twin 7in or 9in multi-function displays on the helm console, an uprated stereo system with T-top mounted speakers, and a canvas that attaches to the opening bow hatch for the ability to use the boat overnight. An alternative seating arrangement includes side-by-side jockey seats with a twin bench aft. Whether it’s for fishing, watersports, enjoying the water with friends and family, or heading to the beach there is a version of the boat for everyone.

The Boat’s attractive starting price brings boating to the masses but its a combination of compact dimensions, lightweight construction, cutting-edge design, and high-quality finish will also make it an appealing option as a rugged and practical superyacht tender. Saxdor Yachts is investigating the option of a jet drive for improved maneuverability and a shallower draught.

Sakari Mattila, founder of Saxdor Yachts says: “The concept behind Saxdor Yachts is to make the next generation of affordable boats. These are premium craft with modern styling and an affordable price that are fitted with the latest technology. “ “The 20ft Boat revolutionizes small personal watercraft by being a multipurpose boat that refuses to compromise with the sexy design language and strong performance at a sensible price.” Saxdor Yachts is a brand with the ambition that has plans within the next two years to extend the range significantly up to 50 ft.

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